A consulting agency that specializes in product management and product organization.

Here at Wivoo we are product enthusiasts. Our Wivers are PO, PM and Lead PM who support Parisian companies in the construction of their digital products! We also carry out webinars, called Wi-binars, interviews and a talk show 100% dedicated to the product community!

Become a Wiver

Three Career Paths.

Three paths are possible during your experience at Wivoo. You will be provided with different choices in terms of product assignments. On average each consultant is offered 5 assignments . You have the option of working remotely up to 4 days a month from our Product space.

You have access to a community of product experts (i.e. Slack, Internal Meetups) as well as a clear and evolving career path that is applicable to Product Management.


A 4-step process.

We aim for excellence, which is why only 4% of people entering the recruitment process receive a contract proposal. Here are the 4 steps to become a Wiver.

Step 1.

Meeting with a Talent Recruiter.

The first step is to make contact with our Talent Recruiters. This is not simply a formality! This step will challenge you on your personality as well as your knowledge regarding product management and agility.

Step 2

Meeting with a Business Developer.

The second step provides you with the opportunity of meeting one of our Business Developers. Our Business Developer team is well trained in all aspects of product management. They will not be mislead and will be able to assess your knowledge with both competence and effectiveness.

Step 3

Meeting with the Product Director.

The second to last step allows you to meet Marcel, the Product Director, who will validate all of your product and agile skills using an internally developed tool; the Product Game.

Step 4

Final meeting with an Associate.

Finally, if you’ve made it this far, you can already be proud of yourself. However, you still have this last step which is to talk to one of the Wivoo associates.



Who is behind Wivoo?

We are 3 co-founders plus four Wivers who became Associates! Today, the success of Wivoo lies with our consultants and our internal team. Our internal team consists of a Sales Team, Talent Recruiters, an Administration team, a Finance Manager and a Product Director.

Thibaut Desreumaux
Thibaut Desreumaux

CEO & Co-founder

Marine Bonlieu
Marine Bonlieu

COO & Co-founder

Julien Davignon
Julien Davignon

CBO & Co-founder

Adrien Delière
Adrien Delière

Associate Consultant

Groupe Wivoo

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