Become the next Wiver

Do you want to join the Wivoo adventure to bring your experience and to develop your skills in Product Ownership & Product Management?


A 4-step process.

We aim for excellence, which is why only 4% of people entering the recruitment process receive a contract proposal. Here are the 4 steps to become a Wiver.

Step 1.

Meeting with a Talent Recruiter.

The first step is to make contact with our Talent Recruiters. This is not simply a formality! This step will challenge you on your personality as well as your knowledge regarding product management and agility.

Step 2

Meeting with a Business Developer.

The second step provides you with the opportunity of meeting one of our Business Developers. Our Business Developer team is well trained in all aspects of product management. They will not be mislead and will be able to assess your knowledge with both competence and effectiveness.

Step 3

Meeting with the Product Director.

The second to last step allows you to meet Marcel, the Product Director, who will validate all of your product and agile skills using an internally developed tool; the Product Game.

Step 4

Final meeting with an Associate.

Finally, if you’ve made it this far, you can already be proud of yourself. However, you still have this last step which is to talk to one of the Wivoo associates.



What the Wivers think.

Watch the interview
Wivoo’s proposal appealed to me especially because we can participate in the creation of the company in a collaborative way.

Marine, Product Owner|5 years of experience.


Tailor-made support

“Wivoo was able to support me during my 100% remote mission by prioritizing my development with the client and on the project. Support with Wivoo also means access to Product experts who guarantee you a considerable increase in skills

__ Samuel, Product Manager.


A real follow-up

“The follow-up meetings and the framework of the mission were very helpful in my progress. The real substance to this company comes from the PO and PM community. As soon as it is necessary I can easily ask them to help me solve my assignment problems.”

__Capucine, Product Owner.


The richness of the community

“For me, joining Wivoo means joining a community that has rich experiences regarding Product Ownership & Product Management. All my colleagues are a source of inspiration and support in my mission.”

__Clément, Product Owner.


Product experience.

Our Product Department supports Wivers throughout their journey and organizes various events (i.e. Wi-binars, Challenges, etc.).

The tribes work autonomously to produce value while focusing on product themes such as UX Design, Mobile app, Innovation and Methodology.

The internal projects serve the purpose of either highlighting Wivoo or meeting the Wivers’ needs (writing product articles, establishing internal tools, organizing events, etc…).


Choose a real product mission.

Wivoo salespeople are trained in product management culture and in Product professions, some of them were even PO. They are able to identify the degree of product maturity of clients in order to offer you THE mission that interests you.

You will have the last word and several factors are taken into account from the beginning such as duration of the assignment, sector of activity, size of the client, type of product, distance from the mission, etc.

Every day, salespeople do their utmost to find the best missions. On average, 5 missions are offered to each consultant over time.