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The entire Wivoo team remains operational while respecting social distancing. We look forward to seeing you in person. Take care of yourself.


Our business offers

Really improve your product.

An Agile Product organization allows your teams to be aligned and focus on the real needs of your users and customers. Communication, design and execution, even production deployment are different from a project organization.

Your autonomous and interdependent teams communicate in order to move in the same direction. They strive to improve the user experience, to optimize used technologies and to achieve strategic goals. 

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PO/PM Missions

Call on our community of Product Owners & Product Managers to optimize your products. Each consultant/Wiver, not only has several technical, UX\UI, Data, Business or Growth expertise but also has an entrepreneurial spirit. They are selected based on their Product skills and their ability to adapt to different environments.

Audit & Organization

It is not sufficient to have a PO\PM on a team, Product organization requires contribution from different stakeholders. Regardless of your level of expertise on the subject, the aim is to start your transformation or your improvement as soon as possible. Our Product department is able to identify your issues, make a complete diagnosis and implement concrete actions to improve your Product organization: team model & organization, internal communication, dependency management, technical delivery process, UX\UI design optimization…

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design work

Audit & Organisation

Il ne suffit pas d’avoir des PO/PM dans son équipe, une organisation Produit implique la participation de différentes parties prenantes. Peu importe votre niveau de maturité sur le sujet, le but est de démarrer au plus tôt votre transformation ou votre progression. Notre direction Produit est en capacité d’identifier vos problématiques, de faire un diagnostique complet et de mettre en oeuvre des actions concrètes pour améliorer votre organisation Produit : modèle & organisation des équipes, communication interne, gestion des dépendances, processus de livraison techniques, optimisation de conception UX/UI…


Product training

Training is the key to any success. Our Product training will allow your organization, employees, and management to acquire the skills, knowledge and mindset necessary in order to make your product the best it can be.

Our Business offers are made for you if:

Check greenYou want to influence your product

Check greenYou have a development team

Check green No matter your Workforce

Check green No matter your industry

Check green You are in  France

Our Business offers are not for you if:

NO red You are not convinced by Product Management

NO redYou don’t believe in the principle of agility

NO red You don’t have a development team

NO redYou are not in France


An overview of the Wivoo experience

Wivoo was able to offer a consultant who quickly took on the dimension of the mission, knew how to meet the objectives and, moreover, created a very positive atmosphere within the teams with whom she was in contact.
Eric Morice

Lead Product Manager - Accor

The collaboration is proving to be very effective. Wivoo supports us on many projects and improves our product and our practices.
Olivier Brune

Head of Product -

Wivoo was able to provide us with a very quick solution to fill this position. They offered us a variety of profiles, including one that matched our needs: a rapid increase in skills, sensitivity to entrepreneurship, MVP delivery and orchestration of multitudes of technical, marketing, support and legal teams.
Alexandre Darmon

Product Manager - Prestashop

Wivoo offered my teams and myself skills development through training and support.
This has made it possible to develop skills in Product Management, to strengthen certain expertise and, above all, to give certain employees confidence in the merits of certain methods or processes.
Olivier Mau

Head of Product - Showroomprivé

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The Product methodology at our client Oscaro

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